Powerful Rituals with Tony Robbins and the Richest Man in Babylon


Life has been splendid and I am very excited to post here today because I have a special message to share!

That’s right, I want to shed some light on our rituals.

“Rituals define us. All the results in our life come from a standard. And then we follow the standard up with rituals.”
– Tony Robbins

I’ve learned from Tony Robbins and also my experiences that our lives are determined by our rituals.

For areas of life including health, family, and work – we all have rituals that empower or dis-empower us.

We create these rituals through our beliefs (or standards) and repeat these rituals until they are reinforced by daily habits.

What is important here is understanding that the daily rituals you have may or may not be leading you to the goal you desire.

If you are consciously aware of this, you have the ability to change your rituals. However if you are just going with the flow of life and letting your subconscious mind run itself then you will be unable to tap into your rituals and modify them to gradually eliminate the dis-empowering aspects.

I have been studying one of my favorite books which is The Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Clason originally published in 1926.

The book contains several parables and lessons for building wealth and financial prosperity with wisdom and action. This is my 4th time listening to the audio book, it is available for FREE on YouTube (at the time of this post and I strongly recommend this book).

3 of the rules I have been focusing on the most in the last week have been:

1. Pay myself first. A part of all I earn is mine to keep.

10% of what I earn is saved automatically

2. Tracking my earnings and expenses in a wallet app

3. Controlling my spending so that I am not spending more than 70% of my earned income

I must admit that it takes some effort at first to readjust my mindset and incorporate these better financial rituals but I believe practice will make me better.

Consistency is key from here on out, I will continue to study the characteristics of earning money and growing wealth because these elements of life I do desire.

I would like to nudge you towards finding a book you can apply and stick with. Also commit to studying that book, really understanding the content and harnessing the power of that knowledge by taking MASSIVE action.

It is an incredible experience. I love books and I hope you love them too!

P.S. I have just started an Instagram account which can be found by clicking here so please check it out. I would love to interact with you on that platform too. Thank you so much for reading, have an exciting and adventurous day!

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2 thoughts on “Powerful Rituals with Tony Robbins and the Richest Man in Babylon

  1. Hi Delles, great article. I too love reading and agree that unless you apply the key message in a book you find insightful, the message is wasted. It is great that you are taking massive action and applying what you have learned. Keep it going!


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