I started as a little league athlete, coached by my dad.  My mom and dad raised me well with strong values and kept me focused on education and sports.  My family has always been and still is extremely supportive in my endeavors and for that I am ever grateful.

When I was a teen, my mom and dad divorced, and in May of 2008 my paternal grandfather passed away.  That incident rocked my world – I was noticeably shaken.  

Two months following that event, my dad passed away in July of 2008.  I slipped and got involved with the wrong crowd and made some poor decisions.

Nevertheless, my mom kept me grounded.  As a single mother, she worked her tail off to put me through school. Her emphasis on education and doing what is right has been the foundation to my upbringing.

I must admit, I was an average student in school.  I found a lot of shortcuts, built relationships, and created habits that would quickly get the job done.  

I learned how to read faster, study more thoroughly, and be more effective in class through observation and experimentation.  I was able to graduate top 10% in high school (class of 800+) and in 3 years at the University of Houston.  

My wonderful mother is also a breast cancer survivor so I find happiness, fascination, and gratitude with every moment in life.  I treat every day with excitement and share my enthusiasm and joy for life with others.

In my last year of college, I began to rapidly consume self help and mindset books.  I started learning about investments and business even though I was a CIS (technology) designation.

I enrolled in several online courses and started buying programs, anything I thought that would help me on my journey.   Raised in a family of teachers, I was born into an employee, non-investor, non-business oriented family.  

This background and mindset led me to read books and envision another world for myself.

A world where I would be able to kindle my burning desire to be a successful entrepreneur, investor, and businessman.

I have no regrets, but it took me a while to start reading and changing my life with books so I suggest to you – Start early and as soon as possible!

I was grown up as an only child, I was not much of a social butterfly rather an introvert until I went to college and joined Toastmasters.  

I am now a Competent Communicator.  I meet and speak to more people every week, I am a graduate of a fine university, a blogger and a publisher.  But most importantly, I am blessed with a wonderful family, friends, and the opportunity to connect with you.  

My mission is to share the keys to success that I have learned along my journey. In the midst of many failures, I have retained a ton of lessons learned and stories which I use to empower and help others.  Thank you for taking the time to read about me.

Feel free to reach me at delles.f.simon@gmail.com



10 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi 🙂 I’m flattered you liked my blog as i’m really digging your posts. How very inspirational and encouraging! Thank you for inspiring me and others and I look forward to reading more from you! Cheers 🙂

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    • Thank you Brandon! Here I am writing about Life. Of course, I am ‘doing my best and trying to make sense out of everything around me’, just as you said in Oneness of all things. I enjoy your work too! 🙂

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