How Iced Coffee Became A Courageous Conversation


“Motivation doesn’t create action, action creates motivation.”
– Phuong H. Nguyen

What a sensational day it has been! I am excited to be alive and grateful that you could stop by for a quick read.

Today, I met some outstanding people at Beans – my favorite coffee house!

I must admit, I was overhearing their conversation and I bursted into laughter at a witty remark made.

Suddenly, we all began laughing and I introduced myself by asking what their names were first.

They were a cozy couple – the man was named Chris and the woman was named Gina.  I could feel their warm souls and positive energy; for a little more than an hour, we shared our life experiences briefly while they sipped wine and I sipped my iced coffee.

As the conversation became deeper, I began taking copious notes as they brought more perspective to my vision.  We were able to achieve that depth because:

I built rapport quickly, laughing with them, modeling their body language, and listening to listen rather than listening to reply. These communication skills have served me so well in the past few months and I truly believe, YOUR COMMUNICATION SKILLS MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE!

They reminded me of how powerful philanthropy was and that I did not have to travel the world or do something grand to help someone in need – I could search in my own city, in fact in my own community to start making a significant positive impact.

Of course, they asked about my age.  I truthfully told them I was 21 (and will be 22 in 9 days) and they were astounded!  They both agreed I had plenty of room to grow and ample opportunity to give my time, money, and energy to worthwhile causes.

The conversation mostly revolved around this life-contemplating question:

What are you passionate about?

I struggled to give a definite answer although I obviously brought up money.  And then Gina reminded me of something profound.

She said with a genuine glimmer in her eyes that I could feel in my heart: money is just an instrument to help and serve others and it is not the end goal.

I really resonated with this encounter and walked away with a bucket full of wisdom. Perhaps the greatest piece of knowledge I took away from this conversation was that ACTION is necessary – even if its not the perfect action because it can be corrected along course.

In conclusion, action is the key to getting the results you desire from life!

Figuratively, I find myself shivering at how grace can arrange new chances for me to meet others who may share a message or experience with me that has the ability to change my perspective and course of action.

Life is full of possibilities and I want to politely remind you to laugh and enjoy it. Remain open minded to opportunities which may present themselves in unique and unexpected ways!

We must be ready to act! From this action we will gather motivation and momentum to continue along course or discover something else we are truly passionate about. I hope you can take something from this post – have a wonderful day!

Photo Credit: Polymanu

9 thoughts on “How Iced Coffee Became A Courageous Conversation

  1. I have enjoyed reading your post. That is not all. I have learned or better still, I have been reminded of the importance of action. True! God puts some people on our path in unexpected ways and our interaction changes our life. You have a great post here and I thank you for it.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Dear Mr. Ngobesing,

      I am very blessed to be connected to you! Your words are always warm and kind and I do sincerely appreciate it. I am extremely excited that you are able to learn something from my blog.

      I also do believe that God puts some people on our paths in unexpected ways and we are given opportunities to inspire or help them. The beauty here is that other people can also inspire us or help us grow and that is why I am proud to be your companion, because you help me grow.

      Thank you for reading my work, have an excellent day and please continue to inspire your readers – including me! 🙂


  2. Really wonderful post.It amazes me that how one can have encounters with unexpected really good people who not only give us valuable advice but also churn many good emotions within us.I am glad that the iced coffee worked wonders for you that day.Thanks for inspiring.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Howdy shruti502,

      I feel like a million bucks because you enjoyed this post! Life is such a gift and every day I realize more and more that its not just about me.

      When we connect with others, we can share experiences, wisdom, and get a broader and more realistic view of the world. I love my iced coffee and I love my life, and I wish you the best. I have read your blog post about self educated people and really enjoyed your ode to Obama.

      I would like to see you continue blogging and keep growing – have a super day! 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

  3. I love your positivity, openness, and willingness to listen and learn, my friend. Your fantastic attitude will take you far and you will do much good in the service of humanity. I believe in you and the gifts you have to share. Keep up the passionate, engaged living!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey Adam!

      Thank you so much for your kind words. Your blog is very creative and I like your design and am intellectually stimulated by your content.

      I love how you identify your ability to “shift perspectives shaped by ongoing experience” and also you declare that “none can be taken as ‘final'” which is very similar to how I feel about my ideas!

      I believe my blogging reflects my life experience changing and I am thrilled to read and look over your blog because it is like a piece of your life journey. 🙂

      I am very grateful to have connected with you. You have an excellent attitude and I admire your view of life. Please stop by again, I appreciate your input Adam!


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