Fearless Friday with Tina Marie – Golden Pointers to Be Your Best Self


How awesome, you are finally here!

Today will be incredible because I will share a few secrets on how to extinguish self doubt.

Have you ever experienced self doubt at some point in your life?

If yes, this post will highlight 3 key concepts I use, and you can use them as well to empower your inner self and demolish that doubt!

I learned these ideas in Abolish Your Inner Saboteur which was my first personal development event. I want to thank Tina Marie for helping me gain momentum and introducing me to the superb ideas below:

The Stories We Tell Ourselves

Often times we lie to ourselves about who we are or what we are capable of.

We create these stories and reinforce them on a subconscious and then a conscious level.

An example of 2 limiting stories I have told myself in the past are:

I cannot possibly figure out how to build an audience online. (and)

I cannot possibly discover how to add massive and immediate value to that audience.

We make up these empowering or limiting stories and they define our actions. If I believed those limiting stories, I would have quit blogging a while ago.

But since I have slayed these weak stories (filled with self doubt), I now blog even more ferociously than before.

I am absolutely determined to figure this out, but in order to get to that point I had to redefine myself by creating new empowering stories. More of this work is also taught by Tony Robbins, but Tina Marie introduced the powerful concept of the saboteur.

Your Sneaky Little Saboteur

Sometimes, you will hear a voice creeping in:

That’s not really possible…

You can’t do that, only _____ can do that…

Sometimes, it may actually sound like you – but it’s not!

This limiting voice is your saboteur and it is very sneaky as it will try to disguise itself – but it’s mission is uniform, to ruin the true desires of your inner self.

The saboteur will remind you of how comfortable and secure life can be if you don’t reach to be more than you are now.

The saboteur is not the real you but rather a part of you that is trying to play small.

I believe it helps to listen to this voice because sometimes it has a genuine concern but I do not follow it.

This limiting voice has tried to stop my productivity, has highlighted why things aren’t possible and honestly, I’m sick of it!

No more will I listen to those weak stories, I have embraced my inner CEO.

Dialing Up Your CEO

Deep within you, there is a powerful CEO, a Warrior, or a Champion.

This hero is always available to you however you have to know how to harness the power of that part of yourself.

When a limiting thought arises, challenge that belief. It is likely that your saboteur is attempting to tame you from getting the full taste of life.

When a limiting thought arises, feel the weight of that thought holding you back from the life you truly desire.

Resonate with the reality of your life if you do not not take action.  Resonate with the reality of you holding back and listening to the limiting voice.

Is this what you want for your life?

If no, stand strong and in a dominant and assertive manner. Do this exercise now:

Yell NO! NO! I will no longer allow you (the saboteur) to hold me back from what is rightfully mine in my life!

Yell it again and again with absolute certainty until you believe it!

Then, proceed in life with absolute confidence – knowing you can tap into your supply of unlimited power any time you want when you are operating life as the CEO, Warrior, or Champion.

That’s the gist of this message which revolves around psychology and I will be sharing more wisdom next week on ways to alter our physiology.  It is now your time to claim your success and diminish your doubt!

When the limiting thoughts arise, acknowledge them but do not accept them.  Remember that the saboteur is false and is not your true self.

You have a choice to accept those limiting stories or to create a stack of empowering beliefs to act upon to create the life you truly desire.

I would like for you to comment on a limiting story you have told yourself in the past and why you can no longer accept this weak story anymore.

Photo Credit: Unsplash

5 thoughts on “Fearless Friday with Tina Marie – Golden Pointers to Be Your Best Self

  1. Thank You Delles for sharing. It is wonderful to see my teachings and my exercises being utilized and shared. As Abolish Your Inner Saboteur! is a highly experiential transformation, I recommend that everyone get to a live event ( or host me in your area ) so you can, like Delles, experience Abolish! live. We have created an entire atmosphere that helps each person transform more rapidly and with utter certainty. Thank you again Delles! The next live event is in October ( 7-9 ) in Houston. More inof can be had at http://www.tinamarie.com

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