Let’s Blast Off with Napoleon Hill Think and Grow Rich


Welcome to another Fearless Friday! I am glad you can join me today because I have been celebrating throughout this week by going for gold and saying yes to my universe.

Yesterday, I caught some waves on a boat and I also went swimming with some friends and it was a blast!

Today, I am grateful to be alive and I am also very grateful for my family, my true friends, this blog, and you for reading.

Blogging has evolved into a passion for me. When I post, I feel myself moving towards my compelling future which I have heavily associated with pleasure, happiness, and fulfillment.

It is my goal to contribute actionable wisdom on this blog so I want to share this short and sweet video of one of my favorite and most influential mentors, Zig Ziglar.

I live in the States and we are 3 days away from Independence Day. In early celebration, Zig delivers his presentation in front of the beautiful stars and stripes.

Zig’s message is simple: to be successful you have to truly practice and prepare.

But I’m going to take it a step further. Those who prepare to be successful in an outstanding manner receive outstanding results.

Those who prepare for success in a decent and okay manner receive decent and okay results.

Those who prepare for success in a weak and lazy manner receive…

I think we both understand what the outcome is likely to be. Keep in mind that preparation will require discipline and also that preparation will lead to stressful times so this stress will need to be managed properly.

Manage Your Stress or Stress Will Manage You

Together, we can place more emphasis on playing and enjoying life because it is not 100% serious all the time.

I am a strong believer in scheduling my work and family time but most importantly, scheduling my play and relax time. Sticking to the calendar has been a best practice for me and I hope you are on this level too.

If not, that is perfectly fine. Continue to do what works for you.

But if you are interested, I use a simple Google calendar, the stop watch on my phone, and EverNote as my time productivity tool stack.

Here’s a hot tip: The way you breathe is ultra powerful. Transform any emerging stress into calming serenity by taking long and deep breaths.

When you clear your mind, loosen your body, and focus on your breathing – you can silence stress and re-position yourself towards success.

These are some of the ideas I use, along with listening to music and traveling abroad to manage my stress and stay connected to the abundant life.

Winners Prepare for Success

“You were born to win, but to be a winner you must plan to win,
prepare to win, and expect to win.” – Zig Ziglar

Winners study hard and are meticulous in their preparation. They practice how they perform or even better.

Winners condition themselves for top level success and since we were born to win, we must condition ourselves at a peak level.

The singers, athletes, actors, and other professionals we look up to have practiced and prepared with focus and commitment to their goals. These top performers have been quick to learn and adapt to the changing demands of their field and now they are victorious!

In essence, we are all superstars and it is our job to meet and exceed the demands of life because we respond to opportunities and challenges with vigor and anticipation.

Respond Rather than React

There is magnificent power in your language and in your thoughts. It is our own duty to flush our minds with positive thoughts and actively silence any negative and disempowering thoughts that may arise.

I would like to ask of you – Pay attention to how you talk to yourself. As a daily practice, fill yourself with joy about the positive experiences of life, the true happiness that you feel in being alive in this moment. Being grateful daily in combination with an uplifting psychology will give you the ultimate winners edge.

In conclusion, I would like to say thank you for reading and together, let’s take another step forward in creating a bright and productive day along our paths of life.

If you missed out on my previous post, please check out my video here for 3 PROFOUND ideas on understanding yourself and others on a deeper level. Also, please follow my blog for more content like this!  Have a superb day.

Photo Credit: Unsplash


2 thoughts on “Let’s Blast Off with Napoleon Hill Think and Grow Rich

    • I hope all is well with you TheFirst365Days! Thank you for reading my blog, I really like how you operate from this idea:

      “It will not always be pretty and witty but it will always be honest.”

      I firmly believe honesty is crucial for building rapport and strong relationships, so I appreciate the polite reminder to be honest in all I do. Have a wonderful day! 🙂

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