Crazy Independence Day and Revisiting Tony Robbins


Welcome to my blog, I’m glad you made it!

Today is Independence Day and a beautiful Merry Monday. I am very excited that you can join me now because I want to share Part 2 of my ultimate takeaways from my experience at UPW. If you missed the first video, don’t worry – here is part 1 of the action!

Without further hesitation, let’s get into it.  In the video below, I will share 3 more spectacular ideas that Tony Robbins presented in his lectures:

2 Key Beliefs that will Empower Your Life

Its not what happens to you, it’s what you do about it that makes the difference.

The past is not an anchor. Even the present is not an anchor because we can choose at any moment to recreate ourselves.

You are not bound by the story you have told yourself. Your story is whatever you would like it to be.

Choose to learn exponentially from your past mistakes and use them as a launch pad for your future rather than a crutch.

In order for things to change, you have to change.

This quote seems so simple but it works wonders.  Take this one to heart.

When there is no change, there is no growth so we must change and adapt to get what we want.  We cannot remain idle and expect different results.

3 Steps to Lasting Change

When I learned this concept, we used neuro-associations in meditative state to mentally reinforce the idea.

To better grasp this concept it may be helpful to be in a calm, controlled, and serene environment so you can concentrate and connect with your essence.

Once you are in a relaxed and peaceful state, identify something you want to change and focus deeply on it. Keep that idea vividly in your mind and follow the steps below. Go all out!

1) Get Leverage – which means associate massive immediate pain to not changing now

Focus your mind on all the deadlines that will be missed, things that will not get done, time wasted etc. if you don’t change NOW.

Internalize the discomfort of letting everyone down.

How will it feel to let yourself down?

Meditate on the answer of that question. and proceed to the second step.

2) Assimilate massive immediate pleasure to changing NOW

This time, focus your mind on the things you will get done, the harmony of your day, and the results that will occur if you do change NOW.

How great will life be then?

Meditate on the answer of that question. and proceed to the final step.

3) Create a new empowering pattern and reinforce it until it becomes habit

If your something was to go to bed on time, start practicing this habit over and over again.

Wake up and embrace the feeling of being refreshed and celebrate! Rinse and repeat. Concentrate and focus on building and reinforcing the good habit.

3 Stellar Quotes by Tony Robbins

Life will always test you!

Be aware of challenges as a sign of life. If you have no challenges, you are probably dead. The second quote is:

Life is always happening for us rather than to us.

This mindset can change your reality every time. Decide that no matter what happens in your life, it is for a reason that supports your destiny. Finally, the last quote:

There is pain and there is suffering. They are not the same. The story we tell ourselves is suffering, the sensation felt is pain.

Suffering is when we tell a story to ourselves about why we are not good enough or why we can’t accomplish something etc.

Pain can be mental, physical, spiritual, and all of the above.

The point of this quote is that it’s natural to feel the pain but we can choose to shorten or silence the suffering.

Practicing the psychology uncovered in this post has been enlightening for me and now I have built some autonomy in execution – becoming much better at governing my mind and my emotions.

Anyhow, thank you for reading and I wish you a daring adventure in your life. Get out there and enjoy every last drop!

If you have read this far, please take at least one thing from this post and apply it to your life.

Knowledge is not power. Massive action with the aid of great knowledge is power!

I would love to hear your comments about the content in the video and the post. Have a terrific day and please follow my blog if you haven’t already!

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