What Can I Say? – First Tony Robbins Experience


I had a magnificent experience at Unleash the Power Within in Dallas, TX and best of all, I met many people from different countries and backgrounds.  Tony Robbins rocked the house and I want to share 3 of the most profound takeaways I gathered from this event.

First Idea: The Molders of Meaning (The Triad)

The Triad is the source of all our emotions. These three elements below affect how we feel and percieve our experience of life.

1) Physiology: The way we use our body determines our energy level and our state of being.

2) Focus: What we concentrate on and spend our time on is what we become.

3) Language / Meaning: The words we use and the meanings we attach to our experiences shape our lives and our destinies.

These three disiplines shape the associations and experiences we have in life.  Being aware of your body, what you are concentrating on, and what meanings you are giving to the events in your life is one method of being more present in the moment.

Second Idea: Building Rapport

Rapport is a state of harmonious understanding with another individual or group that enables greater and easier communication.  An ability to quickly establish rapport will allow the engagement to be fluid like water.

Here are some elements to consider when modeling others:

1) Body Language – The process of communicating nonverbally through conscious or unconscious gestures and movements such as behavior, posture, or facial expressions.

2) Tonality – The emphasis placed on different words and how that emphasis affects the persuasiveness and appeal of your language.

3) Vocal Variety – Variations in the sounds created by speaking. This is generally considered favorable because it draws interest and helps a speaker to be more dynamic and influential.

4) Body Movement – Physiology as discussed earlier and how you use your body in conversation.

5) Present Ideas – How people tell stories, or incorporate humor, or how they get straight to the point etc.

6) Hand Gestures – How the hands are used to convey meaning, typically in a face to face encounter.

With these areas considered, building rapport can be practiced and developed into a natural ability to engage others and match them on their level – even if you started as an introvert like me. When your counterparts subconsiouly realize you are ‘like them’, it will become much easier to influence others and shine into their lives.

Third Idea: The Six Primal Needs

When you understand these needs, you understand why you do what you do and you also understand why others do what they do – even if they don’t understand themselves.

1) Certainty – As humans, we seek stability about our basic needs including things such as food and shelter.

2) Uncertainty – We seek variety and change.

3) Significance – We all want to feel special or important in some form or fashion.

4) Love / Connection – We each yearn to feel connected to someone or something.

5) Growth – We either grow or we die. This sounds harsh but it’s a fact of life which needs to be said, understood, and applied.

6) Contribution – We cannot survive without others. In your special way, there is a need to give back to others to feel fulfilled.

Now that you have been reminded of these needs, you can begin to experiment with and resonate with your fellow human beings on a deeper level. I encourage you to put this knowledge to the test in a positive and constructive manner.

Thank you for reading!  Please take something from this video and use it in your life TODAY.  I would like to hear your comment about what that idea was. Have a great day and please follow my blog if you have not already!


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