Trained to Go – Its Time to Unleash the Power Within


How Did I Get Here?

Hot off the press, another Fearless Friday! I think I worked hard this week and I hope you did too. I made several improvements and favorable results have appeared. I was feeling great until the weekend came, and then I ran into a block. I felt this overwhelming void – that I was not getting there fast enough.

In response, I bought a new audio-book titled Good to Great by Jim Collins and so far it has been refreshing but something remarkable occurred. I remembered, there was a point in my life when I thought reading was lame and would never consider listening to a book let alone spending my hard earned money to buy one.

I was completely unaware of what I did not know – unconsciously incompetent. But I realized one day, that books brought enlightenment, wisdom, and freedom. I started with simple steps – reading a few pages a day and making small changes in my life which has led to the joy and satisfaction I experience now.

Since then, I have been reading and writing more often and learning about the power of language which can motivate and connect others. After reading a few dozen books, I discovered Tony Robbins and I must say, upon first thought I believed his voice was too raspy.

I did not like him initially because I felt he was too much of a storyteller and his messages felt too fluffy. Nonetheless, I kept listening because he had a very unique message and sincere appeal. It took me several hours of listening sessions before I finally accepted Tony as a knowledge mentor and now I write and think a lot like him.

One nugget of wisdom I would like to highlight for you here is to be tolerant. If someone has a message, don’t be like I was. Be conscious of your incompetence and do not allow your pickiness to ruin your blessing.

Choose to hear the message with open ears and then you can personally determine what beliefs to accept.

Look at Me Now

I was searching for a way to launch after getting my degree so I found a job as an insurance salesman. My wardrobe was upgraded significantly, I was surrounded by positive people who believed in me, however I didn’t truly feel called for the job.

Meanwhile, I was listening to 2 of Tony’s audio programs (Awaken The Giant Within and Master the Influence) and I made it my mission to finish Money: Master the Game which is 689 pages. Oh buddy!

I went to meetups, I joined a public speaking group, and I highly recommend both avenues to meet more people and get out of your comfort zone.

Basically, I was a young adult looking for answers.

After a few weeks of meeting people often, I discovered the Houston Firewalkers and the Anthony Robbins PowerTeam in my city. They presented me with a captivating invitation – to go to the second personal development event in my lifetime.

That event is called Unleash the Power Within (UPW) and it is right around the corner, in another big city – Dallas, TX. I bought my t-shirts today and am preparing for this event by asking myself some really open ended questions.

Honestly, the price tag was above anything I had ever paid for (especially personal development) and automatically I concluded I did not have the money. I told my friends and family I could not afford it. That was a mistake I want to highlight.

Money is not the issue, I choose to believe I am not being creative enough because there is an abundance of money in our world. There is plenty to go around and I am a testament of this fact.

Of course, I spent most of my saved money to go on this trip and I went to work to earn more money too. I knew I wanted to blast my life to the next level and I was HUNGRY for anything to catapult me!

I began to study Tony and I discovered that he grew up in poverty under the extreme care of a single mother. Despite not going to college and being a janitor for several years, he never lost his focus for helping people and achieving success. I felt like I could relate to some aspects of his story.

With very little money to commit, I still declared that I would take on this opportunity to go to UPW. On top of that, I did not have money for the hotel either but I was committed without the capital. I had total faith that I would be going.

Miraculously a job at Amazon was created – I started delivering packages and saving my earnings!

I believe when I said Yes! to the universe, my reality began to change.

Now I am 5 days away from UPW in Dallas and my ticket and hotel are paid for! I am so excited – this experience will help me breakthrough my perceived limits and I will shine brighter in my life and in the lives of others.

Luminous Future in 3, 2, 1

Together, our futures are brighter than ever and I see a path of more enlightenment and peace for each of us.

Next weekend will be insane, Tony is going to rock the house and I am prepared for at least a few personal breakthrough moments. I am trained to go and ready to unleash the power within!

I am very fortunate, I will not be doing this alone. I am joining the Houston Firewalkers – a lively group that I can bond with!

My plan is to create before and after videos which will share my experience.

Ultimately, this is an incredible chance to take copious notes and I plan to share an abundance of nuggets on my blog but most importantly, it’s about having fun with life.

In closing, I would like to say that it is our own responsibility to pursue our goals and develop ourselves. Life is limitless when we harness this power and there is an abundance within you. Be fearless and share your gift with the world. Thank you for reading, have a superb weekend!


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