The Marvelous Pond – Life in Harmony!

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“An old silent pond…
A frog jumps into the pond,
splash! Silence again.”
– Matsuo Bashō

Silence is golden and showing appreciation is a profound way to connect with the universe and our experience.

In this wonderful world full of distractions, it may become hard to admire the simple nature of life but today I want to focus on just that. I also have a fun and short activity that I want you to perform with me.

Together, we will admire the flow of the wind and the birds or the bees.  We will take a journey today – to be present and awake in the moment.

Lifestyle Design by Choice

We are who we are, wonderful and complex beings.

In this lifetime, we will be presented with an abundance of challenges that can either make or break us.  It really is our choice.

Choose with me – a harmonious lifestyle that is in tune and in channel with our inner self.  This is a life where we choose to be aware that problems are a sign of life and problems will not go away.

We can only develop ourselves and become better equipped to solve them and remain focused.

Share A Poem, Maybe A Haiku

I’m really glad you could join me on this Merry Monday and I hope you were delighted by the poem above.

I believe the elegance and simplicity of the pond and the action of the frog both remind me of the pond of life and the actions we take to navigate our way through that pond.

Every action we take gets us one step closer or one step further away from our goal. I totally resonate with this message so I took some time to think and reflect outside in nature today. Being in nature makes me very happy!

I encourage you to spend some time in nature when you get a chance. As a result of breathing deeply, admiring my environment, and channeling my energy, I felt awake and alive.

Anyhow, the leading poem is a haiku which is a Japanese poem of seventeen syllables, in three lines of five, seven, and five, traditionally evoking images of the natural world.  It depicts a simple picture – a pond and a life in harmony.

It’s your time to do exciting things that increase your experience of life – but don’t forget to appreciate nature and the environment you currently live in.

Power of Words and Our Language

Words and language are what we have to communicate our thoughts. With ideas and our passions, we use words to convey how we view life.

I truly love blogging and reading others blogs because other bloggers can use the same words or different words to communicate their unique perspective.

Using words can form ideas to rebuild a powerful message and a new perspective. Words can enlighten, humor, and I believe they can strengthen our connection with and understanding of others.

I really love the fact that you can share encouraging, sweet language and disregarding all limiting language is also beneficial. I am grateful that I can read and write and that I am alive and able to share my words with you.

Below is a haiku I created for the fun and short exercise today:

“Days of life pass by…
Moments had, moments captured;
The moment is all.


This is a natural photo I have taken, where I appreciated the beauty in nature and was present and resonating with the moment.

That is truly what I hope you do. Today, I want to join me by commenting with your own attempt at a 5-7-5 syllable Haiku or Picture (that you have taken). Or if you’re insane, you can do both!

Simple Things, Life in Harmony

It is my hope that this poem and the nature poem has enlightened you to explore and concentrate on the simplicity and excitement of nature.

I would like for you to write a haiku or take a picture. Yes, a picture that you have captured yourself to display that life is harmony.

Thanks for reading this blog, I am thankful for your support. We are complex intelligent beings and I would love to see your frame of mind. Take it to another level and smile and play breathe in life.

Make a huge wave into the sea, you are a very capable captain – follow your dreams and also please follow my blog!

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