Learn More Faster – Get The Life You Want Now


“The only way to win is to learn faster than anyone else.”
– Eric Ries

I feel like a winner when I give it my all. Challenges arise everyday and I turn many of them into lessons. Life may feel like a monstrous mountain to climb but the journey is our biggest blessing.

Today, my purpose is to introduce you to one of the ideas that has significantly changed my life – the BML loop and how you can begin using it right now to change yours.

Behold is a practical vehicle to learn more faster and when used, the tool will allow you to rapidly improve your progress by receiving and applying feedback from others and yourself.

The concept is called the Build-Measure-Learn loop, and it was first introduced to me in The Lean Startup by Eric Ries. Originally relayed for startup businesses, I believe the idea can be just as powerful, if not more, when applied to our own lives.


I am actively implementing this idea and by using the loop as a framework, I am more confident in my ability to learn, connect with others, and build a platform which is my ultimate goal.

Blogging is a significant piece of my passion – I build my blog by posting and engaging with others. I measure the engagement of my blog posts and my blogging activity. And to complete one full cycle of the loop, I learn about what people are really interested in. I also learn about what works best for me.

Every full cycle around the loop brings a new-found awareness and awakening. The objective is simple. Go around the loop and you will get better. Then rinse and repeat!

Bump Your Status

The BML loop fits well into social situations like tea and cake. Similarly, you can involve your passion or focus and concentrate on applying the framework to your family life.

Pick an activity that you can measure. For instance, spend x amount of hours with this person or produce one small clip for your channel. Afterwards, record your experiences and what you have learned about the person or activity.

This knowledge will be included in your lessons learned. Document the steps that lead to your progress and identify your failures and what you have learned from them.

Learn More Faster

The loop also brings organization and clear steps to the learning process. Now, I am able to retain and make use of more knowledge than ever before because of my developing ability to progress through each step.

I compliment others, talk in terms of their interests, and share snippets about what I am doing. I usually ask, but many times my peers and family members give me feedback naturally.

Since they are my loved ones, more insightful feedback is often the result. Strangers are great for feedback too because they usually have less bias and are more candid in their response.

All in all, the faster you can get through a complete cycle of the loop, the quicker you can learn and apply feedback to sharpen yourself. For more astounding results, record all of your experiences in a lessons learned document, sheet, or journal – which can be reviewed by you or anyone who wants to learn about what you have accomplished.

Thank you for reading, I hope you found something in this message useful. I would like for you to comment about how you learn best. And if you haven’t already, please follow my blog!


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