How Incredible – We Are Soaring Through The Sky!


We each have a powerful airplane – we are the pilot of our own lives. With fortified wings and epic engines built to soar, the sky is our robust environment.  We can go anywhere but we must be fearless!

The engine is composed of our values, our habits, and the things that make up our daily life.  The wings are for support – our friends, family members, and our coworkers or colleagues too.  Together, a finely tuned engine and strong wings can make way for an awesome life.

This wonderful life emerges as a reward to those who build and strengthen their engines. This rich life is the fruit of carefully designed wings.

The component parts have been tried and tested true.  There have been many failures, adjustments, and now the parts are synchronized to reach the same destination or goal.

There will be obstacles in your sky. Challenges are inevitable and the sky carries many storms and other traffic.

To be successful navigators, we must be clear on our destination.

Why does knowing our destination matter?

Being fearless and confident in pursuit, without clarifying your destination is ultimately pointless.

Would you get on a plane that did not have a predetermined destination?

Probably not – So, we have to define what we want and evaluate often or we may not get to our destination.  But even worse is the act of arriving at a destination and it not being correct or as rewarding as we originally imagined. To avoid this:

You must clarify your aim. What do you truly want in life?

The more definite your target, the more likely you are to reach your determined destination.

The second idea I want to remind you of is that we must be aware of obstacles, challenges, and other people as traffic. Others may see the impossibilities, challenges may seem insurmountable but you must be remain focused and resilient in your vision and action.

Do not lose sight because of what people say or do. Do not blame your circumstances but rather acknowledge them as challenges of life and opportunities to get improve your creativity.

If you can consistently rinse and repeat these two things, you are on your way to happiness now.  The qualities of success and fulfillment are rewards for pilots who have remained in harmony with their visions.

Simply put, clarity and resilience are two key elements of successful navigators in life. In wrap up, I would like to say its our time to fly.  Do something awesome and confident today, and be courageous on this Fearless Friday!

Let’s continue the conversation: What is one thing you want to accomplish in life? Please follow my blog!


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