Are YOU Sharing the Love?


It is a beautiful and sunny day here in Houston, TX.  The birds are out chirping and the leaves are calmly rustling in the wind.

This is a wonderful environment for today’s Merry Monday!  I have a simple challenge to accomplish today – easy to do but also easy not to do.  My goal is to share my happiness, love, and enthusiasm with someone else today.

Whether that be a family member, close friend, or complete stranger – I will stop what I’m doing, focus on them, and then ask genuinely, how is your day going?

And when they respond, I will listen and be mindful of their answer.  I will not be so quick to reply or talk about me or my day unless they specifically ask.  I believe sharing our love with others and inspiring them is a win-win scenario.  Surely, we can help others achieve more happiness by sharing our joy with them.

So tell someone a funny joke or compliment the way someone has dressed today. You can give them a huge boost of confidence and motivation!

On that note, I know gratitude may seem a bit overused in this blog but there are so many opportunities available to us – waiting for our acknowledgement, that I truly love life and am so grateful for the opportunity to blog and connect with you.

With that being said, I am signing off.  I will be calling my mom and also a dear friend to thank them for their kindness and contribution to my life.

I sincerely thank you for reading and have a superb day!

Let’s continue the conversation:  Please leave a comment on how you will share your love and happiness with someone else today!


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