These TINY Steps will Make or Break Your Awesome Life


Good morning fellow reader and welcome to my blog!

I am very thrilled that you have decided to join me today.  Our theme is Fearless Friday!

On that note, I want to share this quote with you by Jeff Olson, written in The Slight Edge:

the difference between successful and unsuccessful people is in the simple choices they make everyday

Successful people take simple and positive actions that are repeated over time.

Unsuccessful people do the exact opposite: they make simple errors in judgment that are repeated over time.

By using the quote above as a polite reminder, I want to launch my weekend off by doing something simple yet impactful today.

I am prepared to take some tiny steps – regardless of how nervous or uncertain I am about the outcome.  So with that being said,  I aim to fearlessly create and finish my It Works life plan so I can move forward with definition.

Simply put, the goal of the life plan is to list all the things I want to have and accomplish in my lifetime.  The plan is really easy to construct however it is also really easy to ignore or procrastinate upon.

Essentially, the plan is to highlight direction and in the context of our lives, it is a tiny and necessary step to know where we want to go and where we are now in our journey.  It does indeed take a brave soul to honestly evaluate where they want to go and to measure, judge, and make corrections on their current progress on getting there.

Of course I will be thinking big but also realistically – answering a question that some of us never truly define. What is my definite chief aim in life?

Remember that your life is your runway to launch and your time is NOW.  Claim your power by taking simple daily actions that will compound to a huge gain in the near future.

To the reader, let’s continue the conversation:  Please tell me what tiny yet profound action(s) you are going to take today!

Have a brilliant day,

– Delles


5 thoughts on “These TINY Steps will Make or Break Your Awesome Life

  1. I myself have read The Slight Edge and can say it has changed my life! The hard part is having a vision that the simple steps you are taking daily ARE making a difference. Most people don’t see the change right away and decide not to do those simple daily positive actions. However, I found that if you keep your goal constantly in mind, it is not only less difficult to achieve these daily actions, but you actually look forward to it!

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    • Thanks for your thoughtful response Phuong! I must admit sometimes I feel discouraged when I don’t see the progress I want but you are right – keeping our goals constantly in mind is a motivating mental note to achieve the necessary daily actions to be successful. I appreciate your insight, have a nice day.


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