Do you REALLY want to be happy?


Today is Merry Monday on my blog!  And the goal for today is to experience true happiness.

I can strengthen my emotion of happiness by being grateful to be alive and to have many opportunities.  I find beauty and fascination with life – and that also makes me happy.

But sometimes I wonder, what is true happiness?  And do I really want to be happy?

True happiness comes from within.  It is a satisfaction, an emotion of fulfillment, growth and progress.  While writing this post, I am being conscious and present in the moment.  I have not yet accomplished what big goals I have set for myself, but I can be truly happy at the effort I have given so far.  I know that the act of writing is a step towards my long term goals.

So my request to you is to embrace the ups and downs of life, and be grateful for both as they mold you. Likewise, be happy with what you have accomplished so far!

Today is your brand new day.



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