Get It Done NOW – Alexander The Great – It!

Hello dear friend,

Today, I would like to share with you a valuable technique which I have learned from Tai Lopez.  This idea sparks enthusiasm and provides for more tenacity in the accomplishment of your goals.  

The trick is simple and I keep it stored in my toolbox of constructive concentration habits.  Once you have accurately identified what task needs to get done – you can Alexander The Great-It!  

Simply put, this means striking with everything you have. There is a vigor – your attempt to conquer and dominate the task until it has been completed.  This is a challenging mindset exercise that I encourage you to experiment with.

Practice Alexander The Great-ing your work. And meet obstacles with resilience and unwavering effort.

Concentration habits are essential building blocks for ignoring distractions and focusing until the finish line has been reached. When you try this trick, you may be able to generate enthusiasm and fast track to the completion of your goals!

Have a great day. I would like to know how you view concentration – do you think it’s an important skill to have?




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