The Key To Saving Money: Habit Building 101

I took an honest step back to realize that a lot of money slipped through my hands in 2015.  By revising my plan and therefore my actions, I have created a simple budget that takes saving out of my discretion.

I have some questions for you to consider:

How well are you currently saving money now?

Are you using a budget or do you save by your discretion?

My intent is to bring your attention to the improvement of your current budget or plan.  I have watched several videos, taken courses, and read books to develop my plan – plan creation is a process so get started as early as you can.

The image below provides an insight to the simplicity of my budget. Healthy finances including savings and investments are crucial to having options in the future.

More on the idea of Pay Yourself First can be found here: Investopedia: Pay Yourself First

Please let me know what you think of this idea by LEAVING A COMMENT below!


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