Business Networking – The Mastermind

As 2015 comes to an end and 2016 is a day near, I want to refocus my efforts on creating a stronger and more influential network.  A great deal of my time and energy will be dedicated to assembling a mastermind team: a collection of individuals, which together, form a synergy.  This team will feature each man/woman performing their unique and specific role to the best of their ability.

My approach is essentially to ‘get out there’ and to eliminate my comfort zone by meeting more like-minded people.  Staying in contact has been an issue of mine in the past so I will pay particular attention to staying connected with people I meet in the business networking process.

I am aiming for success and this gesture will allow me to make and keep more commitments.  I will build more relationships and necessary social skills which will increase my value to others.  I will receive feedback on my business networking process and improve – feedback from others will kindle growth.

We are traveling along an incredible life journey!

 I hope you may build a strong and useful network of colleagues to reach your life goals.


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